I am a qualified and accredited coach, with a background in education, leadership, quality improvement and the third sector. I offer a range of 1:1 and group coaching services to both individuals and organisations. Read on below to find out more or if you would like to have a chat just click this button.


Who do I work with?

People Seeking Change

You may be seeking more confidence, better work life balance or to develop your boundaries. Maybe you're thinking about a new career or a new adventure. Or perhaps you know you want something to change but you're not sure where to start. Get in touch to chat about how coaching can help.

Teachers and School Staff

You may know that you want a change but are unsure which direction to take. You may be seeking a leadership role, changing your approach, taking a side step or leaving teaching for pastures new. Get in touch to chat about how coaching can help.

Mums to be and Parents

You may be planning your maternity leave or your to return to work and are looking for some headspace and support as you navigate through this time of change.  Or perhaps you are looking to make changes to your parenting and family life.  Get in touch to chat about how coaching can help.

Developing Leaders

You may have moved into a new role and feel overwhelmed or uncertain. You may have been in your role for a while and are ready to take the next step to develop your leadership. Get in touch to chat about how coaching can help.


How do I work?

According to The International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching is:

 “Partnering with clients in a confidential, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential”.

For me, coaching is about spacechoice and change. I believe that you are the expert on you and your context. I bring expertise in questioning, listening and a range of powerful tools. Together we create a confidential,  non-judgemental, safe space that supports you to build awareness, identify the choices available to you and make the changes that matter to you.

My core coaching principles align with Jenny Rogers' six assumptions:

  • The client is resourceful

  • The coach's role is to develop the client's resourcefulness through skilled questioning, challenge and support

  • Coaching addresses the whole person-past, present and future

  • The client sets the agenda

  • The coach and client are equals

  • Coaching is about change and action.

I typically work with clients over 6 sessions on a specific goal. The creation of this goal is part of the coaching process itself. I am a member of the ICF and work within its ethical guidelines. You can see my qualifications and accreditations here.


What do my clients say?


Working with Helen over the last four months has been an incredibly productive and enlightening experience. As someone who had never undertaken any professional coaching before I wondered what value I would get from it, however I'm since delighted I embraced the opportunity. Helen is extremely talented in what she does, creating a safe, non-judgemental space to work through any challenges or questions you’re facing in your professional or personal life. Her approach is incredibly intuitive, guiding you through a process of self-discovery by actively listening and then introducing a range of reflective tools and lines of questioning that really help you think differently about the internal and external challenges you may be facing. Due to working with Helen I now have much greater clarity and optimism, both around my current circumstances and future plans, and can’t thank her enough for her support. I would highly recommend her to anyone else looking for similar guidance in working out where they want to go, how they’re going to get there and what may be holding them back – it will definitely be worth your while.

Where and how much?

Coaching works incredibly well online. You can be in your own, private safe space without the need need to travel anywhere. I offer coaching over MS Teams and by phone. If you are in Greater Manchester and would prefer a face to face session then get in touch to arrange a chat.

Packages for individuals start at £595. Packages for organisations start at £1800. Get in touch to discuss charity and public sector discounts. 


What Next?

I believe coaching is most powerful when there's authentic, strong connection between coach and client. I offer a free 30 minute call so we can have a chat and get to know each other a little. You can ask me any questions you may have and tell me what you're looking for. At the end of the call, you'll have the time and space to consider whether you want to work with me.